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Nacionalni Park Risnjak

The area of the Risnjak National Park is divided into two zones – the zone of rigorous and that of directional protection. The total surface area is more than 4600 ha and it is a completely protected area with no activity – it is exclusively left to natural activity.

In the vicinity of the Park we can find a large number of extremely beautiful natural sights because of which this area has been included amongst the highest level of protected nature. The Risnjak National Park is a very good example of altitude decomposition within a relief, geological, hydrological and climatic aspect, as well as in plant covering and animal world.

Surface area: 6350 ha

Highest point: 1528 m – Risnjak peak

Lowest point: 290 m – Kupa Valley

Main protection phenomenon: forest and hydrogeological natural monument – Kupa spring

County: Primorsko-goranska

City area: Delnice and Čabar



  • strong climate and vegetation barrier between coastal and continental parts of Croatia.
  • the most important example of upland vegetation division in Croatia
  • the most beautifully expressed phenomenon of karst sinkhole vegetation
  • a natural bond between the Alps and the Balkan mountains
  • a natural habitat for all three European large animals (bear, wolf and lynx)
  • 1148 flora species and sub-species



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Apartments PARK
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