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in the heart of Gorski kotar

near the National Park Risnjak

Crni Lug | Gorski kotar

Crni Lug is the central settlement of the Gorski Kotar region. It is located at an altitude of 726 m. In winter it is white, and in summer it is a flower base for the Risnjak National Park, whose heights reach up to 1528 m above sea level. Although it is a typical mountain village in Gorski Kotar, with its surroundings and the preservation of old customs, it speaks of the contact between the continent and the coast, the Alps and the Dinarides. Therefore, here you can see how wood is processed, splitting dishes in shingles, but also meet the only mountain masquerades-bell ringers in which you can see the influence of the Littoral. The position of Crni Lug as the main entrance to the Risnjak National Park is the main tourist asset of this settlement, with the possibility of connecting related industries.


Apartments PARK
Bijela vodica 46
51317 Crni Lug

T. +385 51 811 979
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